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Trea & Karl's Wedding

On a sunny June afternoon in Waterbury, two love birds united to become one in witness of family and friends. For Karl and Trea, it all started in 2011 when Karl’s brother introduced them to each other and the rest was history. Karl surprised Trea on Christmas Day 2015 with a proposal for marriage, while the family was opening gifts. This was my first tim[...]

Your Wedding Schedule

One of the most important elements of planning a wedding is the development and execution of a wedding schedule. Depending on the number of factors including your wedding party, number of guests, and activities, your wedding timeline may require a couple of hours to a full day (10 or more hours).   Whether you are working with a wedding planner, mom, or some[...]

Beliefs about Photographers II

This is a follow up from my last blog regarding an article by on “10 stupid things people believe about photographers”.     Lets jump right into it.   Better Gear Makes Better Photographs – Lets put it this way, if you are a bad driver and were handed keys to a formula one race car, your driving will not improve. While a formula[...]

Beliefs about Photographers

I recently came across an article by that discusses “10 stupid things people believe about photographers”.  I wanted to add my thoughts on it with the hope to educate the public on this craft.  Using the term “stupid” in the title should indicate that you will not score any points with a professional photographer with these 10 beliefs.  Th[...]

Guled & Amal's Wedding

It was a pleasure and a honor to be selected to capture my friend Amal on her wedding day.  In addition, this was a rare 2 day Somali Wedding celebration in Dedham, MA.  This wedding did not have the typical church ceremony because the religious portion occurred months prior in Somalia.  Things began smoothly with me capturing the Guled getting dressed and b[...]

The Journey

As we prepare for the launch of my wedding photography website, I think about the journey that led me to this point.  I picked up my first Digital Single lens reflex (DSLR) camera, four years ago, to take nightclub photos.  At the time, the thought never dawned on me that I may want to want to do weddings.  But as I began working with professional photograph[...]