I was online checking out what fellow wedding professionals are doing online and found this simple, yet great post from a Wedding Planner where she explains her consultation process.   This triggered the idea for me to share my process for wedding consulting and booking process with my clients.   Before I go into my process, let me give attribution to London based Luxury Wedding Planner CyEhis events (@Cyehisevents) for the great idea.

So you’re online looking for a wedding photographer using Google or The Knot.com and you happen to find us. Below is the process for the consultation and booking us for your special day.

  • Get in touch with me: Contact me with a few details of your wedding, including your wedding date, location, venue, and approximate budget. There are many ways for you to get in contact with me, which includes via e-mail (Jeff@JeffLamothe.com), my storefront at The Knot, or my Instagram direct message (DM) (@JeffLamothePhoto).


  • Schedule a Consultation: I will send you confirmation that your message was received and let you if I am available for your wedding day.   In my response message, I will send you a link to my calendar where you can schedule a complimentary consultation call at a date and time that works best for you.   Once you receive a message, you can quickly go to the online calendar and schedule a date and time for the consultation session.


  • Consultation Session: Once you schedule a session with me, you will receive details for a virtual meeting with me that you join using your phone or laptop computer. During the consultation session, we will talk about your wedding day vision and I will help you develop your preliminary wedding timeline.


  • Service Packages: During our consultation session, I will introduce you my service packages where I go into detail of each of my wedding photography packages and we will discuss which package will work best for your vision.


  • Summary Wrap Up: Right after our consultation, I will send you a follow up message that contains a summary of our conversation including your preliminary wedding timeline. I will also include our wedding investment package sheet so you can discuss the package offerings with your fiancé.


  • Agreement Preparation: If you love what you saw during our consultation and believe that you need our team to capture your special day, send me a response requesting to book me.   I will proceed ahead to prepare an agreement that outlines the details of your wedding day.  


  • Book Us: Once you receive the agreement from me, please review it in its entirety and be sure to understand the roles and responsibilities between you as our Client and us as your Photographer. If you have any questions or changes, simply contact us and we will discuss them. Once you are fully satisfied with the agreement, sign it and provide the required deposit to secure the booking with your wedding photographer.

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