As we prepare for the launch of my wedding photography website, I think about the journey that led me to this point.  I picked up my first Digital Single lens reflex (DSLR) camera, four years ago, to take nightclub photos.  At the time, the thought never dawned on me that I may want to want to do weddings.  But as I began working with professional photographers on fashion, maternity, and eventually weddings, I knew I wanted to do something more than nightlife coverage.  In one of my first photo shoots, I was inspired by the reaction I got from my subject to one of photos, and that pushed me to create photos that would draw that “jaw dropping” reaction. After taking capturing thousands of photos, spending many hours of training videos, and a 2 hour conversation with a good friend of mines, I’ve decided to focus on capturing weddings.  As time passes by, I hope to post amazing photos that will draw your attention, make you say “wow”, and share them with your friends.

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