It was a pleasure and a honor to be selected to capture my friend Amal on her wedding day.  In addition, this was a rare 2 day Somali Wedding celebration in Dedham, MA.  This wedding did not have the typical church ceremony because the religious portion occurred months prior in Somalia.  Things began smoothly with me capturing the Guled getting dressed and being assisted by his brother.  Then the pace picked up when capturing Amal getting prepared and I had run down to capture photos of the family, run back to capture Amal and Guled together before we went down to capture them with their family.

The reception was the moment where the newly weds were introduced to family and friends and the interaction between Guled and Amal was splendid.  I captured some great photos of the couple as they danced together and sat together at the dinner table.

Day 2 of the celebration began with a women’s only event where the Amal enjoyed a festive evening of dancing, gifts, and love from family and friends.  Then Amal had to change attire and come back to the ceremony with Guled for the final hour of the ceremony.  It was a great time in Dedham because I captured a lovely couple and had a chance to catch up with some friends that I haven’t seen in a while.

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