This is a follow up from my last blog regarding an article by on “10 stupid things people believe about photographers”.     Lets jump right into it.


Better Gear Makes Better Photographs – Lets put it this way, if you are a bad driver and were handed keys to a formula one race car, your driving will not improve. While a formula racecar has better performance and features than a standard family car, the driver has to be trained to operate it to its maximum potential. The same should be said about photographers using better gear. Having better gear such as camera body and lenses gives the photographer some more options and allows improved performance in certain areas. The key is that the photographer’s knowledge of their equipment, combined with their ability to compose and understand light is what makes great photographs.

My friend can shoot the wedding – My comments on item #2 Friends will work for free covers this matter.

They have no right to shoot someone at a beach – Not quite sure how this item made the list but lets dig into it. I believe the intent of this item is targeted at people that are sensitive with photographers taking their photos at public locations. It is generally acceptable for photographers to take photos at public locations, but there are certain locations that will impose special rules or restrictions regarding the usage of cameras. A courteous photographer will normally be aware of these rules and typically notify innocent bystanders while capturing images.

Great Photograph, it must by photoshopped – Most professional photographers typically get their shot straight from the camera before it gets processed in any software. They aim to get their shot as perfect as possible so that they don’t spend hours post processing photos in Photoshop. Photographers typically use these software tools to make slight adjustments to their images. Depending the style of the photographer, some may intensify their post processing of their photos to create a look consistent with their brand. This item certainly belongs on the top ten list, as I know of a photographer that was so upset that people thought his work was Photoshopped to the point that he started video recording his wedding photo shoots.

XYZ Takes Better Photos than you – Photography is a form of art and every photographer has their own style and process for creating their art. What is considered to be a good photo is subjective to some extent, provided that the photographer follows the basic fundamentals of capturing an image.

I will wrap up the last three beliefs on the following post.


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